Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 57 Featuring Sally Williams from Mission Meow

July 22, 2022 Fiona Shaw
Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 57 Featuring Sally Williams from Mission Meow
Show Notes

In this episode I had a wonderful chat with Sally Williams. Some of you may know Sally from her previous ventures which include The Brodie Foundation or Marlin Nation!

Sally has a long history with cats who have always been a part of her life even from when she was a tiny baby. Her future already seemed mapped out for her but with the introduction of her beloved Brodie into her life it took a different path.

Sally has in the past years dedicated her life to cats and animals and with the loss of her beloved Brodie the Brodie Foundation was born. He had cancer and she understood the reality of treatment, costs and starting something which needed to be finished but not stopped or paused due to lack of funding. With the Brodie Foundation she was able to help other families who also had a pet with cancer and that financial assistance bought so many of them that extra precious time which is so special knowing that there is an end date but is still unknown.

After losing Brodie to cancer life sent Sally another blow as her beloved Marlin too was diagnosed with cancer. She fought for him and he was given a lot of extra precious time but as you know its never enough and especially when that one is your life companion and soulmate.

Suffering from burnout is a sad reality in the lives of animal carers, rescuers and animal parents and so Sally took a step back and now that she has regained some of her precious energy she has started a new mission called MISSION MEOW!

This is a non profit which aims to pool together funding from many wonderful organisations and provide funding to organisations who need to do something special and who simply cannot put aside the funding to do so. Each month the monies will be given to organisations who need a helping hand and the monies pooled together to create more for that cause. All will be explained during the chat but Sally has come up with an incredible idea and concept!

I wish Sally all the best with this incredible venture and hope that the launch this fall will be a success and that so many deserving people can be helped! After all its about the animals and all are so worthy and deserving!

You can support the set up of this mission to get it stated by donating to Fundraiser by Sally Williams : Launching Mission Meow (gofundme.com)

Thanks for listening!
Fiona X

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