Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 54 Featuring Tamara Schenk Author of Soul Cats

July 01, 2022 Fiona Shaw
Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 54 Featuring Tamara Schenk Author of Soul Cats
Show Notes

This was a truly beautiful episode that I recorded when I had the opportunity to chat to Tamara Schenk the author of the most wonderful book Soul Cats.

Tamara lives in Germany with her husband and she has an incredible story to tell, so much that she wrote a book about her life experience. The incredible Soul Cats was born through a deep a meaningful bond with her soul cat Max but it is also so much more than a book.

Having adopted Max and Flix from a shelter it was through this act of kindness that Tamara's life changed in many ways and adopting them was only the start of her journey.

I do not want to give too much away about the book but the story is of their relationship and the bond they shared which started as one thing but with the help of animal communication it became something more.

Tamara learned more about the previous life of Max and Flix which helped her understand them to a much deeper level but most importantly when facing numerous health issues it made the difference to both Tamara, Max and Flix when transitioning from this life to the next.

Tamara is now an animal communicator and offers this to many others who seek answers, reassurance and guidance from their feline friends. Through this deep communication pet owners can learn so much. They can communicate with their pets in this life and the next and surely there cannot be anything more reassuring than that.

The book is one that when you start reading you cannot put it down for a second and it takes you through a wonderful and at times magical journey alongside Tamara.

There are ups and downs, laughter and tears but at the centre a deep and never ending love which you can feel through every word. It is not just a spiritual book, its a book for anyone who loves a story of friendship, trust, building a family, patience, kindness and love, the thing I took most from this book was the never ending love.

At the time of recording Tamara advised me that her beloved cat Joey had suddenly passed away only a few days ago and I personally would like to express my condolences to Tamara, Michael and Hubertus. It took strength to still record the interview and courage too. I appreciate her doing so and am so sorry for this incredible loss of sweet Joey.

Please read this book and you can pick it up at Amazon plus other places, you will adore it I am certain!

Soul Cats: How Our Feline Friends Teach Us to Live from the Heart: Amazon.co.uk: Schenk, Tamara: 9781641466837: Books

You can learn more about Tamara and her work and journey on her beautiful website
Home - Soul Cats (soul-cats.com) and perhaps you would like a special soul reading for yourself or feline friend.

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