Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 35 Featuring Stephanie Grantham from Sparkle Cat Rescue

March 04, 2022 Fiona Shaw
Lets Chat About Cats - Episode 35 Featuring Stephanie Grantham from Sparkle Cat Rescue
Show Notes

Stephanie Grantham is the Executive Director and Co Founder of the amazing Sparkle Cat Rescue located in Burlington North Carolina. Sparkle is a 501C registered non profit organisation and have helped over 1400 cats in their local community since 2014.

Stephanie made a massive change from the corporate world to dedicate her life to what she does now for Sparkle, ensuring its success. Sparkle is a bit of everything however they predominately rescue and foster cats into new homes to give them a great chance in life where they may otherwise face euthanasia if shelters are bursting and have no spaces however they are also involved with TNR and helping independent cat trappers and colonies to keep the feral cat population down.

During the pandemic Sparkle were hit hard with the fundraising resources they normally use depleted due to isolation rules and so had to find other ways to keep going, creativity became key and despite the difficulties they faced they were able to help a phenomenal number of cats that year. Thankfully the fosterers increased and Sparkle were able to help so many more cats in need. Specifically cats in shelters who were during that period given a time limit, they took them and found fosters and homes to save their lives.

Stephanie beams from ear to ear when talking about the work she does and despite the long hours and often heartbreak she faces, she keeps going and knows every second of her time is precious but vital into continuing the success of what she has created.

Stephanie has worked with some really feral cats and shares stories of some of them, as well as one particular cat who suffered awful abuse and who she knows will stay with her forever. Patience and love is something Stephanie has in abundance and she can truly relate to those special cats who just need more time. She also shared with me the story of her soulmate Mardi who really was part of the reason why she now dedicates her life to saving so many, she lost Mardi soon after his rescue and knew if someone had helped him sooner he could have been saved. Stephanie wanted to spare any others the same fate as her beloved boy did.

Please enjoy this wonderful heart warming episode and follow Sparkle on Instagram @sparklecatrescue or Facebook  (3) Sparkle Cat Rescue | Facebook and please check out their website WELCOME (sparklecatrescue.org)

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